First Day of Preschool for Case!

Mr. Case rocked preschool today! He walked right in with a smile and never looked back, I expected a few tears or maybe a “please mom stay with me” but nope he was confident and excited. His teachers said he had a great day too and he was so excited to tell me all about his craft, what he had for snack and all the toys he played with. So proud of him.



First Day of Kindergarten!

Our letter to Mather’s Kindergarten teachers.


Mather is ecstatic to follow in his big sister’s footsteps and start kindergarten this fall at CIS. He is well versed in all the Campus songs and looks forward to learning all the IB attributes and essential agreements and applying them to every day life.

As a typical middle child Mather is sensitive, emotional and loving. He loves his older sister and younger brother and is a true family child. He is usually the first person to help, give a hug or thank someone. He has a ton of friends from school and the neighborhood. He is gregarious, easy going, always in a good mood and never has a problem making friends.

Mather enjoys playing with legos, likes sports especially soccer, football and baseball. In addition, he appreciates all things related to dinosaur or historical exploration i.e. space exploration, the Titanic and Big Foot. He is read to on a daily basis and has started to read on his own. He plays both well in a group and by himself. Mather loves to explore Ohio City and can be found wandering the West Side Market for Fritter Friday, gardening at our community garden and swinging at the park for hours.

According to Mather, his likes include playing legos, watching TV, running races in the backyard, anything dinosaurs, nature hikes in the park, collecting stuff at the beach and camping. His dislikes are eating vegetables, snakes, getting shots and writing thank you notes. In additional he says he’s most excited about kindergarten to make new friends, be at his sister’s school and learning to read from fun teachers!

He was described by his preschool teachers as delightful, wonderful and a curious learner. He is very much looking forward to meeting his teachers and meeting new friends.

Looking froward to a great 2014/2015 year!

Ashley, Damon and Mather Taseff



We are so proud of our Mather. Good luck in Kindergarten!

Akron Zoo Visit

The kids go back to school in a few weeks so we are wrapping up our summer bucket list which included a visit to the Akron Zoo! Only about 30 minutes south, and a 1/2 price ticket with our Cleveland Zoo membership, I can’t believe we have never gone down for a afternoon. We had a blast and spent over 3 hours walking around the small intimate, very kid friendly zoo. The animals were awesome – penguins! – and the gardens were beautiful. My favorite part was how close we were able to get to all the animals – floor to ceiling glass provided up close encounters with the bears, penguins, baby snow leopards and more!




The kids favorite part was the otter slide – I think they went through the slide no less then 30 times each which kept them busy and excited on an overcast misty morning.





And a bonus was the touch tank – we aren’t members of the Cleveland Aquirium anymore so the zoo provided all the same animals in a smaller tank. The kids are already asking to go back!


Camping Rainout

What happens when 6 families from Ohio City and one family from Yellow Springs plans a camping trip to Salt Fork for two nights – yup following our rainy cold trip to Florida during Spring Break we again had RAIN – nonstop RAIN for two days. But we made the best of our time and the kids had a blast with their friends. We drank, we laughed, we got drenched.









Cute kids by the lake. This was the only time we made it down there before the rain started.


Our camp site – not a tree around us but Damon set up an awesome kitchen under the canopy and two tents – but of course the kids ended up in ours. And poor Mather must have been at a low spot, Saturday morning he was soaked from head to toe.


Thanks City of CLE!

Thanks Cleveland for the awesome re-striped bike lanes on Detroit Ave.! My family LOVES to bike around town the bike lanes help connect neighborhoods and get us from point A to B safely. This video is great and even features the kiddos at the end.

Summer of the Pool

A friend recently made a comment to me that I “used to be so cultural and take my kids to all the fun places around CLE but this year we just go to the pool!” – Ha! Yes, maybe we spend a great deal of our time at the pool but the two older kids have kicked ass at learning how to swim (and dive, and do summersaults….), and we still have our fun around town and playdates with our friends — mostly at THE POOL! The two older kids go back to school in a few weeks so we are soaking up the sun and enjoying the view of CLE.






Sibling Love


I LOVE how cute these three are together – these photos definitely show was love – the way the boys are holding hands, the way Alta is wrapped around them, their smiles, their goofiness.



Celebrating 5 – Lego Style!


Of course Mather wasted to celebrate his birthday with a Lego theme and invited 5 of his best friends over for an afternoon of legos building fun. This was by far the easiest party, the six boys played for two hours straight around our train table building and rebuilding legos and mini-figures. I skipped the party favors too kind of and gave each boy a small bag of star wars legos to keep them busy. Add in some coloring fun, pizza and cake and we had a very happy birthday boy!